Top Best Restaurants in Islamabad


When we talk about the Best Restaurants in Islamabad then the food lovers think about many mouth-watering meals that are famous in Islamabad. It is the Capital of Pakistan and well known in the world because of its beauty and many attractive places. If a foreigner comes to stay in Islamabad then it’s a priority to find a good list of Restaurants in Islamabad. So in this content, I will solve many food lovers’ problems and gonna show you the Food Street Islamabad. Here is the list of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad

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The Top Best Restaurants in Islamabad are:

  • Nando’s Islamabad 
  • Habibi Restaurant Islamabad 
  • Usmania Restaurant Islamabad 
  • Omar Khayyam Islamabad 
  • Dragon City Islamabad 
  • Sufi Restaurant Islamabad 
  • Asian Wok Islamabad 
  • Cheezious Islamabad 
  • Mandi Restaurant Islamabad 
  • Tahir Khan Restaurant Islamabad 

1) Nando’s Islamabad

Nando’s Islamabad is one of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in F 6 Markaz Super Market، Islamabad. This one of the best food places in Islamabad is a chain restaurant of Afro-Portuguese. Its inner and outer views will attract you. Adnan Sadiq is the CEO and owns Nando. Its staff provides the best service to you. They have delicious food items like Spicy Mixed Olives, Saucy Chicken Livers, best zinger burger, Peri Peri Bites, Espetada Carnival, Chicken and Veg Tigella, Chicken Burger, Chicken Wrap, Spicy and Delicious rice, and many more. Must try this Islamabad Food Places. Click here to know top best 5 stars hotels in Pakistan.

Nando's Islamabad Best Restaurants in Islamabad

2) Habibi Restaurant Islamabad

Habibi Restaurant Islamabad is one of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in F 8 Markaz Ayub Market Islamabad. It has many branches in Pakistan. It presents a splendid and eye-catching view from the inner and outer areas. It provides the best Desi food in Islamabad. They have well-mannered staff to serve you with love. This Best Restaurants in Islamabad has a pocket-friendly menu with quality food. Habibi Restaurant has the best food items like Starters, Honey Chicken Wings, Finger Fish, Mughlai Delights, BBQ, Karahis and Curries, Rice, Naans, and many more in Islamabad Food Places.

3) Usmania Restaurant Islamabad

Usmania Restaurant Islamabad is one of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in the Blue Area of Islamabad city. It has the Best Desi Food in Islamabad. There is a good atmosphere to enjoy the quality and pocket-friendly food with friends and family. Usmania Restaurant Islamabad hired a nice and well-trained staff for the good and quick service. Best Food Places in Islamabad have a delicious menu which includes Usmania Special Soup, Mutton Leg Steamed Roast, Special Fried Rice, Manchurian, Chicken & Mutton Biryani, Chicken & Mutton Qorma, All kinds of Sea Food, and Best Steak in Islamabad.

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4) Omar Khayyam Islamabad

Omar Khayyam Islamabad is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad. It is located adjacent to Kulsum international hospital, Islamabad. It is also included in Best Food Places in Islamabad. Omer Khayyam in Islamabad, so far The Best Iranian Food Point. All dishes were amazing. They have excellent taste and quality. Restaurants in Islamabad are too impressed with their food quality and taste. They have delicious food items like Special Iranian Appetizer, Bourani, Special Iranian Kabab, Sheshlik Kabab, Khyar Shor, Torshi, Chenje Gusht, Baghlawa, Ferni, All types of Iranian Deserts, and Best Steak in Islamabad.

5) Dragon City Islamabad

Dragon City Islamabad is one of the Best restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory. This Best Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad has an amazing inner and outer area and provides the best atmosphere. They hired the best staff and quality Chef for you. They maintain their service and quality of food. Dragon City is an Islamabad Chinese Restaurant that has delicious food items like Special Chowmein, Chopsuey, Sweet and Sour Fish, Mutton with Mushrooms, Dragon Special Fried Rice, and many more Chinese and Desi food in Islamabad.

6) Sufi Restaurant Islamabad

Sufi Restaurant Islamabad is one of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in F-10 Markaz Islamabad. It has three branches in Islamabad city. They serve freshly cooked meals cooked right in front of you. They serve compatible food to other restaurants.` Best Food Places in Islamabad give you an amazing atmosphere and delivers Desi food in Islamabad to you on time. Their waiters are active and serve the meals on time. It is a satisfactory eatery. Eating special chicken karahi and chapli kabab can help you achieve your diet dreams. Their savory and appetizing desi-cooked food is a must-try in Restaurants in Islamabad.

7) Asian Wok Islamabad

Asian Wok Islamabad is one of the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory. The best Food Places in Islamabad have Chinese and Thai Cuisines. They have the best inner and outside areas. This Islamabad Chinese Restaurant has no compromise in its food quality and taste. You can also experience a rooftop view here. They have delicious Crispy Finger Fish, Spicy Honey Chicken Wings, Orange Chicken, Spicy Beef, Beef Chilli Vegetables, Masala Rice, Prawn Fried Rice, Sweet Dishes, and many more in this Food Street Islamabad

8) Cheezious Islamabad

Cheezious Islamabad is one of the Best restaurants in Islamabad. It is known as the F11 Markaz restaurants located in Islamabad. Cheezious has the Best fast food in Islamabad. It is very among the foodies because of its taste. It has all kinds of fast food you will love to eat. Cheezious serves the Best Burgers in Islamabad. They hire the best Chefs to bake online in front of you. In Cheezious F11 Markaz restaurants menu includes Cheese sticks, Flaming Wings, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Supreme Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Euro Sandwich, Classic Roll Platter, and the Best Beef Burgers in Islamabad.

9) Mandi Restaurant Islamabad

Mandi Restaurant Islamabad is one of the Best restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in Markaz F-7, Islamabad. Mandi is a Desi Restaurants in Islamabad which is very famous among locals. It also serves Arabic food items. Its inner view will blow your mind. This Best Restaurants in Islamabad offer reasonable prices on their menu. It is very famous in Food Street Islamabad. You can try Chicken Mandi, Mutton Mandi, Chicken Medabi, All types of BBQ, Khabsa Chicken, Special Fried Rice, Special Fish, Best Steak in Islamabad, and many more delicious dishes.

10) Tahir Khan Restaurant Islamabad

Tahir Khan Restaurant Islamabad is one of the Best restaurants in Islamabad. It is located in  Lehtarar Road, Taramri, Tarlai Kalan, Islamabad. It is the best place for desi food lovers. It has the best seating area. You should try these Islamabad Food Places with your friends and family. The best chefs of this restaurant cook a fresh and tasty cuisine for you. You will have the best BBQ Platter, Shanwari BBQ, Chicken White Kabab, Kabu Pulao, Chappali Kabab, Fish, Daal Sabzi, Shanwari Cuisine along with fresh Naan and Roti in the Best Restaurants in Islamabad


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