Top 10 Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai
Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

1- Karachi Grill Restaurant

Address: Jumeirah Street Opposite Masgouf London, Dubai. 

Karachi Grill Restaurant Dubai is one of the best Pakistani hotels in the UAE. It is situated in the most expensive area of Dubai. They provide high-quality products, mouth-watering meals, and a superior environment at the minimum and affordable prices. They did not make any compromises in terms of quality. They use the best quality products in their meals. The Karachi Grill Restaurant Dubai uses high-quality chicken and fresh vegetables. Pakistani or Indian fresh mutton is used in the meals of Karachi Grill. The main feature of this restaurants in Dubai is that they purchase fresh vegetables from local markets daily.

The purchase quality of the vegetables, mutton, chicken, and other ingredients used in meals is personally checked by the general manager of Karachi Grill Restaurant. They have a unique and great taste for all foods. Desi Foods are presented in Fusion Style as 50 to 60 other nationalities are coming to enjoy the food. They treat all visitors as part of the family.  They serve traditional Pakistani food to Pakistanis and Fusion Style Foods with others. The Karachi Grill Restaurant Dubai’s Super Saver Buffet is one of the most popular and affordable. You should definitely visit this beautiful restaurant to have quality food in a unique style. 

2- Karachi Darbar Restaurant

Address: G Floor, M Sohail Building, oud Metha Road – 10th Street – Bur Dubai – Dubai – UAE

Karachi Darbar is a group of Restaurants that was started in 1973. It has 21 Branches in Dubai and everywhere taste is maintained. It provides delicious and affordable Pakistani as well as Indian Dishes. It is famous among many communities like Pakistani, Indian, Arab, European, and many more. They welcome and serve visitors with love.  Their cuisine is versatile. It is a mixture of a lot of cultures, a lot of food types which have the unique and best taste ever. They have a very wide variety of delicious food. All types of people can enjoy the food here.

Butter Chicken is one of the most famous and most delicious dishes in Karachi Darbar. People from all over the world who come to visit restaurants in Dubai come to taste their Butter Chicken along with Butter Naan which doubles the taste of the meal. After having a meal, they served their customers with “Mukhwas” which are made of fennel seeds and sweet tiny candies. It is best for digestion and breath freshener after meals. If you visit Dubai, it is a must-visit hotel. You will love this restaurant. 

3- Barbeque Delights

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Adjacent to Sofitel Hotel, JBR Walk – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Barbeque Delights is one of the rare restaurants in UAE that delights you to come back not only for the cuisine but also for a football-themed presentation. It is extremely popular not only amongst the South Asians living in the area but also among the local Nationals, Europeans, and Arabs. The interiors at the Barbecue Delights downtown outlet are Elite. It also offers a large seating area for the customers to enjoy having their food outdoors. It is best for family or friends’ get-togethers, casual dining, or perhaps even romantic dinner in Dubai. Barbeque Delights serves Pakistani, Afghani, and Indian favorites in a friendly setting. The dishes are prepared here according to the taste of individual customers and their spice levels. 

You can enjoy well-executing kababs of various types cooked with fine spices and an undertone of smoky charms.  The deliciously juicy mutton shake kebabs are also a favorite for mutton lovers. There are a lot of chicken options but seafood is preferably the choice, especially with goodies like barbecued fish steak and grilled whole pomfret on offer. They prepare some of the lip-smacking dishes including the most famous lamb chops. Sheilo kabab, Tawa keema, the world-class Barbecue platter, and a stunning American beef steak. Barbecue Delights’ downtown outlet is serving more than 60 dishes featured in its buffet alone. The Chefs in the kitchen maintain the quality of the best restaurants in Dubai. 

4- Truck Adda Restaurant

Address: H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Award Complex, Jumeirah Rd, in front of the union flag, JLT, Dubai – Dubai – UAE.

Truck Adda Restaurant is one of the best Pakistani Traditional hotels which is full of Pakistani antiques and beautifully represents the Pakistani culture to the world. The place serves up to 140 people at a time. It is very popular with not just Pakistani or local South Asians but also the local Nationals, Europeans, and Arabs. It has a beautiful and unique seating area. The Truck Adda Restaurant’s downtown location has Luxury interiors. You can feel pure Desi Vibes here. It also has a yummy and delicious menu. It provides customers an eye-catching view and mouth-watering meals as well as restaurants in Dubai.

Charsi Karahi and Mix Grill platter of Kababs along with Butter and Cheese Naans, Palak Paneer, And of course the best food named Chicken Biryani are the special Desi Cuisines that have a delicious taste. And don’t forget to have a glass of fresh Lassi with your meal. After having the meal, you must try the Kashmiri Chai which contains nuts in it and will refresh you. The Restaurants’ quality is highly maintained by the Chefs in the kitchen. This hotel left a long-lasting impression on your memories. If you visit Dubai, you must experience the cuisine of Truck Adda Restaurant.

5- Lal Qila Restaurants in Dubai

Restaurants in Dubai

Address: Jumeirah 1, Second Dec Street, Next To Diyafa Street, Opposite. United Arab Emirates Flag – Dubai – Dubai – UAE.

Lal Qila Restaurant is said to be the top and best Pakistani Restaurant that is situated at the above-mentioned address in Dubai. This Restaurant is a type of Ancient Mughal architecture. Its inner view will allow you to enjoy it as well. You can feel it as you enter a Royal Castle. It has a great Royal seating point. It provides you with full luxury and a Royal environment. It is famous for its best and most delicious Buffet.

Its Foods are also Royal in their taste. All cuisines have the best taste including Sweet Dishes like Halwa with nuts, Pudding, Black Plums(Gulab Jamun), Mango Sheer Khurma, Strawberry Jelly, Fruit Trifle, and many fresh and mouth-watering sweets. Mutton Rice, Beef Keema Methi, Chicken Degi, Mix Barbeque Platter, Chicken, and Mutton Biryani, along with all types of Naan, Chicken Soup, Dahi Phulky, Gol Gappay are the most loved cuisines here which are most demanded by the customers. One of the best things is that they are giving you a complimentary drink on your Buffet if you rate them on their Social Media account. Lal Qila Restaurant is a highly recommended Pakistani Hotel in Dubai if you are a food lover. You can enjoy the Best Buffet here with your friends and family.

6- Ravi Restaurants in Dubai 

Address: Al-Satwa Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ravi Restaurant is a Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai that was started by a Pakistani around 43 years ago here. It is famous for its pocket-friendly Pakistani fair. It is a low-cost food point that is popular among all economic classes in Dubai. It is a very cheap hotel but provides extremely high-quality food. You can see every nationality eating and enjoying their lunch and dinner here. The people here that are serving you are super nice. The menu here is huge and everything is super affordable with lots of meat and vegetarian options. If you are meat-free then it is also the best option for you.

You can have a feast for under 100 Dirhams. You can try some of the lip-smacking dishes that they prepare including the most famous Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Brain Fry, Dal Fry, Paaye, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, and Mix Grilled Bar BQ Platter along with Butter and CheeseNaan and a glass of Lassi that refreshes your soul and body. The best taste can be found in any cuisine of Ravi Restaurant. The Chefs of Ravi Restaurant cook delicious and mouth-watering meals for you with super quality. When you come to Dubai, make sure to visit Ravi Restaurants in Dubai.

7- Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant

Address: G Floor, Al Rayan Building, 2A Street Opposite. Burjuman Centre- Karama, Dubai-UAE.

Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant is said to be a foodie’s heaven in Dubai. It is a famous and big Pakistani Hotel in Dubai.  Its specialty is Buffet in Lunch and Dinner which is very famous among visitors. It is the perfect destination for the Buffet. It serves traditional Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, and Afghani foods here. More than 15 Nationalities visit this restaurant. It has served people in Dubai for the previous 15 years. It presents an eye-catching and attractive environment that attracts guests. They can arrange small party functions here also. They have the best receptions with great manners. It is one of the top Best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai.

The level of the service is very impressive here. Their prices are very reasonable. They have more than 50 foods in their Buffet. Some of the best foods are Paya, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Beef Biryani, Mix Grilled Bar BQ along with all types of Naan and all types of Salads. Sweet dishes included Chocolate Pudding, Jelly, Custard, Gulab Jamun, and Zarda served in Buffet. Once you visit this restaurant, you will show consistency and you will visit this restaurant over and over again.  Celebrities from all over the world have visited Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant. The food, atmosphere, and everything are so amazing here. If you make a plan to visit Dubai, must visit Al Ibrahimi Restaurant.

8- Al Shorafa Restaurant

Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis, L.E Solarium Building – Dubai – UAE.

Al Shorafa Restaurant Dubai is one of the fine restaurants in Dubai. It is amazingly special. It has three branches in Dubai. The Al Shorafa Restaurant Dubai was established in 1980. Till now lots of celebrities have visited this hotel in Dubai. They have everything amazing and wonderful. They serve Pakistani, Indian, and Arabic cuisine. They have an amazing rate list you can easily enjoy the quality food here. These amazing restaurants in Dubai have an amazing staff that can serve you with love and respect.

They have everything fresh and tasty. If we talk about the signature items that they have amazingly delicious are BarBQ, Chicken Junglee, Mutton Junglee, Chicken Reshmi, Mutton Reshmi, and lots of food variety of authentic and traditional Pakistani and Indian vegetables in Restaurants in Dubai. You can enjoy freshly mouth-watering and fragrant food here. Potato Karahi, Mixed Grill BarBQ Platter, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, and Chicken Biryani the best salad they have are the best and highly recommended meals you should try. So Al Shorafa Restaurant Dubai is the best choice ever even if you are a food lover.

9- Najmat Dubai Restaurant

Address: 9th Street – Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai, Najmat Dubai Restaurant is a well-known and large Pakistani Restaurants. Traditional Pakistani, and Indian, cuisines are served here. Its signature dish is a Salted Mutton Roast which is very popular among guests. The level of service provided here is just too good and too fast. They have the nicest manners and the best receptions. Their costs are really affordable. Their Breakfast and dinner are superb. They provide fresh items to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

You can enjoy their properly and entirely grilled BarBQ, Mutton Karahi that they keep it half cooked and then before serving they fry it properly on a big Pan. Meat is properly melted and baked here. You can also try their yummy Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Namkeen Mutton Leg Roast, and Aloo Keema. The spices are well balanced by the chefs. Najmat Dubai Restaurant‘s chefs prepare delectable and mouth-watering meals of the highest quality for you. Najmat Dubai Restaurant is a must-visit hotel for anybody visiting Dubai. It is a perfect food destination.

10- Des Pardes Restaurant

Address: Near Lamcy Plaza – 10th Street – Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. 

Des Pardes Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dubai to have quality food. It serves the best Pakistani and Indian delicious Desi Cuisines.  The quality of service provided here is simply far too high and far too quick. Their prices are really satisfactory. They have the most pleasant temperaments and the finest greetings. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in particular, are outstanding. They supply fresh things to ensure that customers are satisfied.

They have special Halwa Puri, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Paya, Chicken Handi, Chicken Tikka Boti, Mix Grill, Mutton Seekh Kababs, Chicken Peshawari Karahi, Chicken White Karahi, and Daal Mix Fry along with soft and delicious Naans with a glass of delicious sweet Lassi. And don’t forget to have their fresh and sweet Gulab Jamun after having the meal. The cooks have done an excellent job of balancing the spices, in particular. For you, the cooks at Des Pardes Restaurants in Dubai produce delightful and mouth-watering meals of the greatest quality. For everyone visiting Dubai, the Des Pardes Restaurant is a must-see. It’s a fantastic place to eat.


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