Top 10 Museums in Lahore

Museums in Lahore

Here are the Top 10 Museums in Lahore

  • Museum Lahore

  • Army Museum

  • Al-Hamra Art Center

  • Fakir Khana Museum

  • National Museum Of Science & Technology

  • Allama Iqbal Museum

  • Shakir Ali Museum

  • Chughtai Art Museum

  • Tollington Market Museum

  • The Lahore Heritage Club

Museum Lahore

Museums in Lahore
Museums in Lahore

Museum Lahore is one of the best museums in Lahore as well as the best museum in Pakistan. Many stories are buried in the foundations of this largest museum in Pakistan. Here is a reflection of civilizations from all over Pakistan. Stories of the rise and fall of the subcontinent are scattered in its galleries, which for years have been a source of information to the people, especially those interested in history and the new generation. Just a few hours or a day is not enough to see the artifacts in this vast museum. Renowned British novelist John Lockwood Kipling was a big fan of the museum. He has made special mention of this Museum in Lahore in his novel “Kim”. Opposite the old University Hall building, this Mughal-style museum houses artifacts from the Taxila, Gandhara civilizations, Mughal, and Sikh eras. Click here for  want know top 10 best restaurants in Lahore.

These include coins, important paintings, musical instruments, antique jewelry, and traditional costumes, including brass, bronze, various metal forks, sugar utensils, and war materials. The museum also houses artifacts brought from other countries. This Museums in Lahore has a huge treasure trove of the Gandhara civilization. The magnificent stupa from Sikri, Jamal Garhi is located in the middle of the main hall, while the heads of the Buddha statues from Rokhri (Mianwali) and Akhnoor (Jammu), the statues of Gautama Buddha, and the various court scenes sculpted on the stone. Shah Karbhi is also standing here. In addition, various artifacts, coins, ornaments, dice, chakras, and toys, including various antiquities discovered from the ancient civilizations of Sindh, such as Son Valley, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and Mehrgarh, are also kept.

Biggest Photo Gallery Museums in Lahore:

The Miniature Photo Gallery has over a thousand small and large photographs on display, and these paintings from the 16th to the 20th century are considered to be the largest collection on the subcontinent, especially the Persian, Mughal, and Rajput collections. Are Similarly, the Coinage Gallery is considered to be the largest gallery in the subcontinent, with about 40,000 rare and rare coins. These include coins from all the dynasties that ruled the subcontinent from the seventh century BC onwards. Apart from various cultural galleries, the Lahore Museums in Lahore also houses the Tehreek-e-Pakistan Gallery, the Stamp Gallery, and the Sikh Gallery.

Army Museum 

Museums in Lahore
Museums in Lahore

Army Museum is located in Lahore Cantt, this museum is the second and most modern museum of the Pakistan Army. The first Army Museum is located in Rawalpindi. The museum houses various items related to the Pakistan Army. The museum was inaugurated in August 2017 by the Chief of the Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Army Museum Lahore timings are 9 Am to 4 Pm. It is closed on Thursday and Friday. The museum is divided into interior and exterior. The interior has galleries of various military equipment, while the exterior houses helicopters, ships, and tanks. As you enter through the entrance, you see four Indian tanks standing in front of you, three of which were snatched from the enemy in the 1965 and 1971 wars. As soon as one enters the interior, one first sees a stone inscription on which the names of the martyrs of the Pakistan Army from 1947 to date are inscribed. At the same time, a comprehensive map contains information on the infrastructure of the Pakistan Armed Forces as well as statues of the Army Chiefs from the founding of Pakistan to the present day and details about them.

In addition to Army Museums in Lahore, in one corner, the Father of the Nation, Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam’s address to the first assembly of Pakistan and the pictures of the leaders of Tehreek-e-Pakistan, while in the other corner, heartbreaking scenes of migration during the establishment of Pakistan are shown. Other galleries display old and traditional weapons and pictures of non-Muslim soldiers in the Pakistani army. In this gallery, apart from the pictures of the military operations carried out from time to time in Pakistan and the painful scenes of the tragedy of Army Public School, the pictures of all the soldiers who got Haider insignia are displayed in one gallery.

Chughtai Art Museum

Chughtai Museum is located near Kalma Chowk, Lahore. This museum is based on a beautiful collection of famous Pakistani painter, Abdul Rehman Chughtai (1975-1897). Abdul Rehman Chughtai, the painter known as “Khan Bahadur”, was the only Muslim painter in South Asia who was well versed in abstract and classical art. After his death, an art museum was built in 1975, where his paintings, sketches, and rare works of art are preserved. This is one of the Best Museums in Lahore.

Faqir Khana Museum

As soon as you enter through the Bhati Darwaza of old Lahore, you come to an old mansion on the right side, which is known as “Faqir Khana”. In this villa, Pakistan’s largest private museum, Faqir Khana Museum, has been under the management of the Faqir family in Lahore for many generations. Apart from Gandhara civilization artifacts, historical coins, wood, brass and copper carvings, ivory products, Islamic art, and calligraphy. The Faqir Khana Museum is open to the public and many scholars, researchers, tourists, and students visit the Museums in Lahore.

Allama Iqbal Museums in Lahore

In May 1935, Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East, moved with his family from his apartment on McLeod Road to Javed Manzil. Later, Allama Iqbal named this house after his son, Javed, who is now It is known as “Allama Iqbal Museum”. It is situated on an area of ​​7 Kanals and with 9 galleries, the museum houses many items of Allama Iqbal’s personal use, including his passport, signature stamp, appointment cards, bank receipts, spectacles, rings, Cufflinks, Turbans, T-shirts, Shoes, Coats, Towels, Sticks, Ties, Collars, Gloves, Advocacy Coats, Sherwani, Carpets, Pens, Drafts, Letters, Documents, Photos, and Other items included. This is considered in the top Museums in Lahore.

Shakir Ali Museum

Shakir Ali Museum is located in the Tipu Block of Garden Town, Lahore, this small private museum is located in the house of artist Shakir Ali. Shakir Ali was not only a renowned artist but also an art teacher and principal of the National College of Arts. Although the museum was inaugurated after his death in 1975, he built the building himself over a period of ten years and laid each brick to his liking.

Rare photographs are neatly displayed in the main hall of the museum, and inside the building, there is a collection of art books in a research library in the basement. The museum occasionally hosts music programs and various seminars in addition to art exhibitions, so this magnificent Garden Town Museums in Lahore attracts art lovers from all over Pakistan.


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