Best Murree Visiting Places for 2022

Top 10 Murree Visiting Places for Tourists
Top 10 Murree Visiting Places for Tourists

When we talk about famous visiting places in Pakistan then the first tourist place that comes to our mind is Murree Visiting Places. Murree is one of the most valuable and beautiful resorts in Pakistan. Murree is situated in the district of Rawalpindi and the Province of Punjab. When it was impossible to travel to other northern locations during the winter, everyone enjoyed visiting the picturesque valley of Murree Pakistan. 

Especially the dense green trees, beautiful valleys, and the clouds on the roadside present an attractive view to us. It is the attraction of Murree that we want to visit every year to spend quality time here. It seems to like heaven on earth that refreshes the tourist’s mind and leaves a long-lasting impression on the tourists and impresses them with its natural charm and beauty. Murree Temperature is also much fine in summer. Especially newly married couples decide Murree first to visit for their honeymoon and spend memorable time here. If you just want your tour to be memorable then you can have a bonfire there with your special ones and enjoy best beef burgers in Lahore.

The Cheapest Tour in Murree Visiting Places

We can’t compare Murree Visiting Places with Kumrat or Hunza because Murree is much cheaper than the other northern areas. The students and the people like us who can’t spend too much money on the tour can easily manage the expenses of the tour to Murree. Murree also contains the cheapest rooms to live in and the cheapest food points to eat. Now we can easily plan for a tour for Best Place to Visit in Murree and can enjoy the beauty of nature. Nowadays there are so many tour companies who offer a good package at very cheap prices. They can facilitate you with luxury transport, 3-time meals, and 5-star rooms. If you are planning to go to Murree then you must go with the tour company. Most of the foreigner tour ask me that “Is Murree open for tourists“? So the answer is “Yes”. this place is open 12 months a year.

Murree Means “High Place”

Murree is well-known as a tourist attraction and military base as well. When we visit Murree, a question comes to our mind that why is Murree called Murree? The majority of us are familiar with the term Murre, but few are aware of the meaning of the word Murree. So I’m gonna tell you the meaning of the famous valley Murree. It means “High Place As we know that Murree contains high mountains and valleys that’s why it is known as Murree Pakistan (High Place). It is also called Murree Tourist Places and also regarded as the Queen of Hills because of its stunning topography and magnificent hills. By visiting there, you will forget everything and your mind will be at rest.

Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Murree

1- Nathia Gali Murree, Pakistan

Nathia Gali Famous Visiting Place Murree Weather
Nathia Gali Famous Visiting Place Murree Weather

Nathia Gali is a beautiful hill resort. It is too cold because of his topped height. It is well known for its natural beauty, hiking tracks, and pleasant weather. There are many tourist facilities near Nathia Gali like hotels, guest houses, and shops that make the tourist trends better. This place is always the best place to visit near Murree.

Miranjaniand Mushkpuri tops are the most famous places of Nathia Gali where the tourists enjoy the attractive and beautiful scenes Of nature. The beautiful mountains of Nathia Gali are fully covered with ice and beautifully present an eye-catching view. There are a lot of monkeys who love to eat corn from your hands. There are so many horses and monkeys.You can ride a horse throughout Nathia Gali at a very reasonable price. If I suggest you then you must go there to enjoy a pleasant moment. If we talk about weather forecast murree then it is great.

2- Things To Do In Bhurban

PC Bhurban Tourist Place Murree
PC Bhurban Tourist Place Murree

Bhurban is a small and beautiful town 11 Km to Murree. Its name is Bhurban because of its nearer forests. Bhurban is situated between Murree and Kashmir Road at the height of 6000 Feet. There are many famous five stars hotels in Bhurban most of the famous are the PC Hotel and Mount Pleasant Apartments which provide great facilities to the tourists of Murree Pakistan and National Park. The nine-hole golf course is also located in Bhurban. There are lot of places to visit in Bhurban such as Muree Point, Patriata Chairlift, Muree Mall, and Dunga Gali Pine Line Track.

3- Mall Road Murree Visiting Places

Mall Road Murree Visiting Places
Mall Road Murree Visiting Places

Mall Road is one of the most beautiful and important points of Murree. It is the busiest and vast point, also beautiful and interesting way to enjoy the tour of Murree Visiting Places. It contains different shops, stalls, hotels, and restaurants. Many stalls in Mall Road entertain the tourists with trimmings and provide them entertainment and rooms facilities to stay. The Mall Road is famous for the Pakistani tourists as well as the tourists from all over the world. You can buy any marvelous and unique things of Murree from Mall Road.

4- Kashmir Point Murree Visiting Places

Kashmir Point Visiting Place Murree
Kashmir Point Visiting Place Murree

Kashmir Point is a beautiful point of Pakistan’s city Murree. It is situated at mall road on sea level at the height of 7340 feet. Most of the tourists visit Kashmir Point because of Bagh.e.Shaheedan, Food Park, and Water Pools. In Murree famous places, this place is on the top. The amazing mountains of Kashmir can easily be seen at Kashmir Point. It is the most seen and most visited area of Murree. People turn their destination to Kashmir Point by the Mall Road.

5- Sozo Park Murree

Sozo Advaenture Park Murree Pakistan
Sozo Advaenture Park Murree Pakistan

Sozo Adventure Park is an entertainment park that was built in Lower Topa Murree in 2003. This Park is spread over an area of 15 Acre. It contains 25 types of swings. It is the best location for the kids to enjoy. This place is especially for children and family. Over time, new rides have been added there for children. It has all types of swings for kids. The management is also too good.The entry ticket per head is 600 PKR only. You can also enjoy the natural beauty and rides of the Sozo Adventure Park Murree. If you are going on a school trip then it may be a special discount for students but not sure. This is a perfect top adventures place in Murree Visiting Point.

6- Pindi Point

Pindi Point Murree Weather Today
Pindi Point Murree Weather Today

Pindi Point is situated 15 minutes away from mall road. You can enjoy the attractive views of the top areas of Rawalpindi from here. Its height is 7100 feet. The reason behind the visit to Pindi Point is the chairlift, horse riding, and its top view. Chairlift from Pindi Point to Bansra Gali presents a heartwarming and charming view of all the nearer points. Horse Riding is available here for 15 to 20 minutes for visits to the area of Pindi Point. On the top of Pindi Point, people can easily see Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

7- Ayubia

Ayubia is also called Ayubia National Park. It attracts tourists because of its chairlift, Ayubia Donga Gali, and Hiking treks. It is a safe area of 33 square kilometers which has many attractive characteristics. The chairlift takes you to the peak of 1.5 KM which is the highest point of Ayubia which presents an alluring view. Its beautiful scenes attract tourists’ attention to it. The ticket for the chair lift is approximately 200 to 300 rupees. Ayubia is also on the top in Murree Visiting Places.

8- Patriata “New Murree”

Patriata New Murree Visiting Place Pakistan
Patriata New Murree Visiting Place Pakistan

Patriata is also called New Murree and it is included in best Murree Visiting Places . It is situated 15 KM southeast of Murree hills. It is the highest point of this area. The specific reason for the tourists visiting Patriata is its dense forests, comfortable atmosphere, and modern cable car which entertains them so much. The modern cable car covers a distance of 7 KM from base to top. There are two chairs lifted there. One is a chair lift then we shift the chair lift to the cable car. The ticket for this chair lift is approximately 800 PKR.

9- Ghora Gali

Ghora Gali is one of the tourist mountainous areas situated in Pakistan’s northern area Galiyat. Many hotels and resorts provide facilities to the tourists in Ghora Gali. The main reason for the tourists to visit Ghora Gali is the 1100 Meters long chairlift that travels Ghora Gali to Pindi Point. Most of the people said that at least we have something else to do rather than taking their families to Mall Road.

10- Shangrila Park

Shangrila Park is the best point to visit. It is situated near Patriata(New Murree) just across the Murree express and about 35 km from the Islamabad center. It is private property just like the farmhouse. You can have a BBQ or bring your food there. This place is also best for the bonfire at night time. This park is full of natural beauty and its scenes present a splendid environment. The foreign tourists who loved to see the beauty of Pakistan visit Shangrila Park very first.

Why is Murree famous

Murree is much famous for its chairlift and for its Mall road that gives you a birds-eye view of the Kashmir green hills. Murree Visiting Places is also very famous for shopping. Most of our women go there and buy traditional clothes. The best part is the rates of food or clothes are not so high. You can easily enjoy them at a reasonable package. There are also so much lakes near murree like Sajjikot Lake, Simly Dam Lake & Samundar Katha.

Where to stay in Murree

When we reached Murree the first question that came to our mind was where to stay in Murree?
So I’m gonna tell you the top hotels in Murree where you stay and enjoy the tour without any fear. The greatest hotels to stay and consume quality and healthy cuisine include Shangrila Resort Hotel, Hotel Metropole Murree, Oasis Hotel Murree, Arcadian Blue Pines Resort Murree, Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban Murree, and Hotel Jawa International Murree.

Best Time to visit Murree Visiting Places

In my opinion, the month of October and November is the best time to go to Murree because in these months there is the best climate to attract tourists. It is the best season to enjoy the weather and relaxing environment of Murree. In this season there is a beauty that attracts the tourists towards it. The best part of this season is that there is not too much traffic and you can easily reach your destination and not too much crowd of the public.

Murree Weather in Winter

Murree Weather Today Snowfall
Murree Weather Today Snowfall

Winter is also the best season to enjoy the natural and attractive beauty of Murree. If you want to visit Murree in winter then the month of December is best because the snowfall in Murree is falling in December and presents splendid scenes. The tourists would love to see a romantic Murree Weather Snowfall. Most of the honeymoon couples go there in the month of December to enjoy snowfall there. Murree is much cheaper in winter than summer. Before planning to go there you must have to check Murree Weather Today.

Famous Desi Restaurant in Nathia Gali

Khiva Restaurant, Patakha Chicken Taj Mahal Hotel, and Kaldi’s Gourmet Coffee House are the best eating points in Nathia Gali. These hotels are the best choice for the visitors of Nathia Gali.
These restaurants are very famous for their delicious desi food as well as Chinese food. These restaurants provide a friendly and family-like environment to the visitors. Especially the well-trained staff will take care of all your needs. There are also so much adventures things to do in Murree.

Dunga Gali or Nathia Gali?

There is a 3 KM difference between Donga Gali and Nathia Gali. Donga Gali is a more peaceful and relaxing place than Nathia Gali. The pipeline trek of Donga Gali is very famous among tourists. It is a very easy trek that anyone can easily hike and enjoy the natural scenes. If you visit Donga Gali you will definitely fall in love with the calm, peace, and beauty of Donga Gali. Hotel Crown Palace & Restaurant is one of the best and cheapest hotels in Dunga Gali.

My Review about Murree Visiting Places

I visited Murree many times. I plan to visit to Murree twice a year. If I was depressed with my workload or any family problem, I quickly made plans with my friends and went to Murree for 4 to 5 days. Whenever I have a low budget I go to Murree. You can do a lot of things for very cheap. One of my American friends came to Pakistan and visited Murree Visiting Places, they even told me that Murree is a much more peaceful place than my country. The people of Murree are so good. I recommend my foreign friends or my local friends visit once in their life. It’s like being in heaven on Earth.


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