Burj Khalifa Dubai – World’s Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa Dubai Visiting Places Explore Waves
Burj Khalifa Dubai Visiting Places Explore Waves

When we talk about the tallest building in the building, the first one that’s come to our mind is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Let’s we discuss the detail of Burj Khalifa Dubai. The name of the Burj Khalifa Owner is Emaar Properties PJSC which is founded by a billionaire Mohamed Ali Alabbar. The height of this building is 2716 feet. The Burj Khalifa cost of making is 1.5 billion dollars.

This huge investment was arranged by the Al Ghurair group. The construction of Burj Khalifa Dubai started in 2004 and was completed in 2009. This tallest building was designed by Skidmore, who designed World Trade Centre. The main purpose behind building this tallest building is to promote tourism. This building was named by their president Khalifa Bin Zaid.

What Burj Khalifa is Famous for?

Burj Khalifa is a famous building in the world because of its height and because of 160 Burj Khalifa floor. Also, the building is considered a major center for business people as the big businessmen either live here themselves or stay in the hotels located in this building. According to Arif Mirza, the building houses the flats of the world’s top businessmen, heads of state, European football players, international cricketers, Hollywood and Bollywood actors, and singers. 

According to information obtained from the Internet, the world’s safest and fastest elevator system has been installed in the Burj Khalifa Dubai, while it also has the ability to stay safe from fire. The structure is also saved from quakes and cannot be influenced by lightning. It is said that the building is built in such a modern way that even if a plane hits it, the building will not collapse in one fell swoop and will return to its original place.

Challenges in Building the Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa Construction

The team faced so many challenges while constructing this tallest building in the world. This was the biggest dream of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Here’s the top 10 Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai.

1- Time Duration:

The first challenge that the construction team faced is to build this huge Burj Khalifa building in 6 years. Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum just give 6 years to engineers to complete Burj Khalifa. From 6 years, engineers required 3 years for making a building design. If engineers take 3 years to make only a design then how’s it possible to complete the physical structure of the building. Then engineers decided to build Burj Khalifa Dubai without making a design.

2- Foundation of Burj Khalifa Dubai:

The second challenge that the engineer’s faced while making the largest building in the world. Generally, while making the largest building the engineers put the base on the strong stones. In Dubai, there are only small sandstones for making the base of Burj Khalifa. It could be so difficult for the constructors to put the base on weak sandy stones. Then, the base of Dubai Burj Khalifa is put on the 192 solid steel pipes. All the weight of Burj Khalifa Dubai is put on these steel pipes.

3- Buttress Structure Burj Khalifa Dubai:

For the design of the biggest building in the world, the construction company Emaar contacted a top-level architecture company in Chicago. This architecture company made so many big projects before but when the engineers told about BurjKhalifa then it seems difficult to them. The challenge is to lift millions of tons of weight, whose floor lighten with natural lights and its floor should also be 160 floors. So, the solution to this problem is Buttress Core. This concept was introduced for the first time in Burj Khalifa Dubai.

4- Concrete Suction System:

Another challenge that they faced is while constructing the building. The concrete mixture that they made dried up as they go up. This mixture needed to stay liquid when it goes up. So, they came to the solution and the solution is the concrete suction system. In this, they pour the mix in the night with the help of 3 pumps to deliver up. These 3 pumps are the most powerful pumps in the world. The weight of this concrete is equal to 1 lac elephant.

5- Moving Equipment:

Now, 3 years have passed since the construction work started. Almost 140 floors were done and Burj khalifa has already broken the record to be the biggest building in the world. The machine that carried the mixture could only go up only 140 Burj Khalifa top floor. Also, the machine operators refuse to work at height. This was the biggest challenge for the team. First, the HR team hires new employee’s from all over the world. These all machine operators speak different languages but the common aspect of all operators is they all work on height.

6- Glass Panel:

Now, there were 2 years left in completing the project but the glass panels were about to be installed. There were 24000 glass panels that had to be installed. When the glass panel was installed in Burj Khalifa Dubai, the inner temperature of the building exceed 100 degrees centigrade. It took a lot of electricity to keep this building cool. They spend the whole 18 months solving this problem then the famous engineer John Zerafa gave a solution to the team but it was so costly. John Zerafa made the ultra radiation glass that blocks the sun’s rays.

7- Last Year of Construction (Solid Steel Pipe):

Burj Khalifa Dubai was ready to launch in the last year of construction. Almost every work is completed like gas, electricity, and water but one thing is still missing. The top of the Burj Khalifa is still incomplete. They have to install a solid steel pipe of 136 meters and their weight is 350 tons. There was no such machine in the world that lift this heavy pipe and carry on the top of the building. Then the team of engineers decided to make this heavy rod in the building.

What is Inside in the Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa Inside World's Tallest Building

There is a great social atmosphere at the Burj Khalifa inside and people from all over the world come to see it. People living here do not have to go out but all the items of daily life are either inside the building or the adjoining building is available in Dubai Malls. There are modern monitors in every residential flat from where the activities taking place in the entire building can be seen.

Burj Khalifa Dubai has a very efficient security system and this is probably the reason why the world’s richest people like to live in this building. When the building was first opened to the public two years ago, there were no flats available for sale or rent in those days. It was difficult to keep up, but now that the global recession has left a negative impact on the UAE as a whole, even the world’s tallest building has not escaped its impact.

Do People Live in Burj Khalifa?

Yes, many of the people of the standard class are living in Burj Khalifa Dubai. Today, a two-room is available for rent, and Burj Khalifa flat price is eight to ten thousand riyals per month, i.e two lakh PKR to two lakh and fifty thousand Pakistani rupees, whereas earlier the rent used to be seventy to eighty thousand riyals. There are also some flats whose rents are said to be in the millions of riyals.

People’s Views about Dubai Burj Khalifa

People in the United Arab Emirates have differing views on the Burj Khalifa Dubai. Some people believe that the UAE is famous all over the world because of this building while some say that the construction of this building has proved to be a sign of misfortune for this country because according to them when this building’s construction began, an economic crisis erupted in the UAE.


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