Top Best 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan

5 star hotels in Pakistan

Pakistan is an emerging tourist country due to the charms of the northern areas of Pakistan and their special norms and cultural roots. People love and enjoy nature that’s why tourists come from all over the world to see the real beauty of Pakistan. 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan are eye captivating. Their location enhances their beauty. The most important part of your trip is to choose the best accommodation to heal yourself after a long day of touring. In this regard, the collection of 5 star hotels in Pakistan are as follows located in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and northern areas of Pakistan. These hotels have all amenities that are important to you.

Here’re the list of top Famous 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan.

  • Marriott Islamabad
  • Eagle Nest Hunza
  • Hotel One Naran
  • Serena Hotel Swat
  • Shangrila Resort Skardu
  • Serena Hotel Islamabad
  • Pc Hotel Karachi
  • Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore
  • PC Hotel Lahore
  • Royal Palm Lahore

1- Marriott Islamabad

Marriott Islamabad 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan

Marriott Islamabad, the lap of luxury among the 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan located at walking distance of Margalla hills, Agha Khan Road, Shalimar.  The view of Margalla hills is eye-captivating for tourists. It is the luxurious hotel and definitely remind you about Burj Khalifa Dubai. It is a place that offers you to experience your whole life in a blink of an eye. The amenities include a wedding hall, an electronic lock system with an electronic safe deposit box, room service, fitness court and Spa in a Xavier health club. The hotel also includes hiking, sailing and horse riding because it is included in famous Hotels in Pakistan. The local allurement of this place is Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake, Bazaars of Rawalpindi, Monal Restaurant and Centaurus Mall, etc. You can have the room for 18,000 per night.

Marriott Islamabad Buffet rates

For the buffet in Marriott Hotel Islamabad  is 4500+ Taxes.

Eagle Nest Hunza

Eagle Nest Hunza Pakistan tourism

Eagle Nest hotel is situated in the scenic city of Hunza Duikar Village, District Gilgit. The view of the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset from the hotel is most captivating for the tourist and embellished its beauty. The facilities include fresh hot and spring water. The specialty is to offer free breakfast and rental cars for guests. Both Pakistanis and western foods are available like other 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan including fresh fruits. The music culture of Hunza is very popular. The internet, TV facility and free car parking are feasible.  The beauty of nearby areas including Baltit Fort, Mountain Cup, Altit Fort, Satrangi Lake and many more enhance its charms. The tourist’s rate this hotel 5 stars with an affordable price of 3000 per night.

Eagle Nest Hunza Height 

The height of Eagle Nest Hunza is 10000 feet above sea level.

Shangrila Resort Skardu

Shangrila Resort Skardu

Shangrila Skardu is located around a serene heart-shaped lake, it has unique attractions among 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan because of its stunning locations like Skardu Fort and Italian K2 Museum. The Shangrila cottages are dotted along the lakeside giving an awesome view, furthermore, internet, free newspaper, free airport transportation pickup is provided. For special meals, Buffet breakfast and international dishes are served. Other special facilities include a picnic area, barbeque grills and wheelchair-accessible parking.  The Resort 5 Star Hotels in Skardu were started to be built in 1983 and were named Heaven on Earth due to their breathtaking view and peaceful Ambiance. Once you visit this location and would never want to leave this earthly paradise.

Shangrila Resort Skardu Rates

This hotel is one of the luxurious hotel. Shangrila Resort Skardu Price Per Night is 5000 PKR.

Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore

The luxury Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore is located near Allama Iqbal International Airport. This prestigious place publicly opened in March 2019. The Army Museum, Badshahi Mosque, Packages Mall, Lahore Fort, and Jilani Park are points of interest for tourists. It is perfect for business and leisure trips. The amenities they provide are an outdoor swimming pool with a sunbed, Saloon, and Gym to maintain fitness. This hotel has a unique piece of art competing with 5 Star Hotels in Lahore. The CEO of Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore said when we learned about the Royal Swiss brand, we were convinced of the luxury combination of both the Swiss International hotels and the Royal Swiss brand.

Serena Hotel Islamabad

Serena Hotel Islamabad is among those 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan that are embellished with luxuries of life. The rooms are beautifully decorated with graceful Islamic architecture. The amenities are combined with local culture and heritage that capture the travelers here. Hotels offer you a complimentary buffet breakfast and a fully-equipped fitness center. This hotel counts out of the 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan and offers unique experiences that make your holidays in Pakistan truly memorable. Nature attracting places are Daman e Koh and Bari Imam Cave. The room charge is $220 for the executive room per night. Its cleanliness,  staff, and service are very good. I personally recommend to you Serena Hotel. Come and explore your prosperous life at Serena Islamabad. It is considered in the top Hotels in Pakistan.

PC Hotel Lahore

The capital city of Punjab province is always ready to welcome you to the most innovative 5 Star Hotels in Lahore at Shahrah e Quaid e Azam name PC Hotel Lahore. The art and originality magnificently offer you some rare opportunity to taste life. Being a traveler imagine an experience where your name is not just a name on a register, it is the way of being arranged to meet your desire. The popular amenities include a swimming pool, gym and spa, free Wi-Fi, Bar, ATM, business meetings and outdoor activities like BBQ and live music performance.  This place is more than a hotel and look like Shopping Malls in Lahore that passes a legacy that makes you realize that there is no place to compete with 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan. Sites for attraction are Bagh e Jinnah, Lahore Museum, Polo Club, and many more to catch. In PC Hotel Lahore Per Head Charges for Buffet is 3999+ Taxes.

PC Hotel Lahore Room Rate

The starting price of a room in PC Hotel Lahore per day is 25000 PKR.

Hotel One Naran

The pleasure-seeking Hotel One Naran is located at main Bypass Road Mansehra Naran. This hotel is the project of Pearl Continental 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan. The PC group of hotels continuing their legacy opened this hotel surrounded by lush green mountains. The Hotel management mostly focuses on amenities that are hardly available to the tourists. Visitors come here to see nearby attractions like Saif ul Muluk Lake. The cheapest price for 1 room is 10500 rupees with complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast. Room service available for 24hour. Furthermore, private parking can be arranged. Rating reviews from guests is 7.3/10 including cleanliness, facilities, location, service, and rates.

Pearl Continental Karachi

PC Hotel Karachi is located at Club Road Civil Lines Karachi, the city of lights. It is part of the most significant branch of PC 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan. The breathtaking skyline view of the hotel and delightful ambience makes your dining wonderful. The Hotel is perfect for both upper-class communities and leisure.

Each room is air conditioned and carpeted which is facilitated with Wi-Fi, minibar, iron, coffee machine. Other amenities include a swimming pool, spa and fully-equipped fitness center, complimentary private parking and games activities. Varieties of dining options are available. Outsiders are eye-captivated by the sea view on the top. The rates for rooms are approximately Rs.17000 per night.

Serena Hotel Swat

Serena Hotel Swat is situated in the natural beauty of Swat Saidu Sharif KPK on the foothills of Hindukush Mountains. The location of this peaceful hotel magnifies its charms among 5 Star Hotels in Pakistan. The gracious hospitality of the hotel sought opportunities to experience the cultural heritage and attraction of Saidu Sharif. The facilities include continental breakfast, 24hours front desk and room service, complimentary Wi-Fi and private parking. The special amenities provided are fitness center, outdoor pool, daily housekeeping, and BBQ facilities. Attractions for the guests are Marghzar (White Palace), Mahodand Lake. place and rates for the rooms are 24-26 thousand per night.

Royal Palm Lahore

The Royal Palm Lahore also called Royal Palm Golf & Country Club is located near Canal Bank Road in Lahore. It holds all varieties of leisure and complexes like halls, marques, driving range, Palmer lawn, executive boardrooms, fitness centers, swimming pool and sports court. This place is the first choice for foreigner golf visitors rather than 5 Star hotels in Pakistan. The arrangements of musical night can be placed. It is also an eye-captivating point for public gatherings to enjoy their quality time.


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